My lipstick collection 2017

Hi!! Welcome!!

Today I’m going to share with you my collection of lipsticks, it is not very big but it is enough for me, i prefer nude matte lipsticks. In my opinion a makeup without lipstick, is not a makeup ahah. A good lipstick makes all the difference!



1. Kylie – Kourt K

2. L’oreal – Lip Paint Matte 211

3. Maybelline – Vivid Matte Liquid Rebel Red 35

4. Avon – Wild Cherry

5. Avon – Iced Mocha

6. NYX – Transylvania

7. NYX – Stockholm

8. Kiko Milano – 11

9. Kiko Milano – 927

10. Catrice – Plum Fiction 420

11. Primark

12. Primark


10 thoughts on “My lipstick collection 2017

  1. I have a lipstick collection on my blog, if you would like to check that out! I love your collection – I really want to try some Primark ones the colours are beautiful xo

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