Avon beauty haul 

Hi loves !!

Today I come to share with you what came from avon, I make the purchase of avon by my aunt, if you want to order avon products you can contact by e-mail lucasana967@gmail.com or her blog ( link here ). 

I love AVON products !!

Avon Naturals Body Care – £3

Vanilla hand cream

Sugar plum vanilla scented spritz


Shampoo tea tree & mint – 99p

Dry ends serum – £3.50

Cream Concealer Nude Matte – £4


16 thoughts on “ Avon beauty haul 

  1. Of course I love your blog I’m an Avon rep myself our products are tried-and-true we’re happily celebrating 130 years and counting always be sure to check out the outlet that’s where the best deals are going to be I’m definitely going to follow your blog and I hope you’ll do the same.

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