What’s in my makeup bag 

Hi loves !! Welcome back 

I love talking about makeup, today i’m going to share with you what i have in my makeup bag that i carry every day in my personal bag. 

I only have the basics and the ensesesial in my makeup bag. I hope you like it.

Makeup bag

This is my makeup bag, it’s from ZOEVA.
Inside my makeup bag i have my eyeshadow palette from MAYBELLINE,

I love wearing nude colors in my eyes.

And i have a creamy shadow from AVON, I love the colour,

I also have my makeup brushes from ZOEVA, one for foundation and one for eyeshadow,

My lipsticks are from NYX and LOREAL, i love nude matte lipsticks,

My lip balm is from HOLLAND AND BARRETT,

My favorite corrective is from MAYBELLINE, i’ll have to buy another soon ahah, I also have a very good AVON concealer,

My eyelash mascara is from RIMMEL,

The eyeliner i use is from AVON,

My foindarion is from MAYBELLINE (fit me), her color is 115 ivory, but now that i’m tanned I have to buy another foundation.

Last but not least, i have my favorite perfume from ESCADA and my small mirror.


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