Minimalist home decor

Hi loves,

I love the minimalist style, Minimalism is the new buzz word, especially among people who have grown tired of rampant consumerism and are now paying a little more attention to things that money can not buy, such as satisfaction with life and happiness. But being minimalist does not mean living in a small apartment with few modern white furniture and no television. It also does not mean getting rid of all the clothes, not having any more pleasure shopping and just thinking about traveling. Minimalism is much more than a lifestyle or an aesthetic preference. It is a tool that can help all those who are willing to get rid of the excesses in favor of focusing on what is important to find happiness, personal fulfillment and, above all, freedom.


17 thoughts on “Minimalist home decor

  1. Lovin’ minimal decor and lovin’ this post! Japanese Zen is my favourite home design/decor. Absolutely love the simple and calming vibe.
    And yes! Minimalism doesn’t mean living with very few things! It’s about living with what you really love, and getting rid of the excess. I’m learning how to live more minimal, more intentionally too.

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  2. I LOVE the simplicity yet stylish decor and the pristine whit! So clean and refreshing! Photos are AMAZING! Did you take them yourself? I’m into interior design/home decor and can’t wait to enhance my blog with it!

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