Metallic looks to inspire you

Hi loves,

Welcome back !!

Brightness is never too much, is not it?

The big bet for this and next months is the specchio (in English, mirror) or to simplify the metallic!

With jeans

One of the strongest trends this year is without a doubt the metallized, and with jeans he is incredible, to tell you the truth what does not look good with jeans, right?!


If you like to take a risk on clothes, then metalized dresses will suit you. As the dress draws a lot of attention on the look it is good to match with accessories of neutral tones like black, beige or gray.


The metallic is a striking color, so it is good to combine with textures. In this look the important thing is the skirt but combined with sneakers and denim jacket was perfect.

Or you can also combine the metallic skirt with a wider and comfortable sweater, for a more comfortable and youthful look.

Metallic accessories

If you like the metallic color but you can not wear clothes with this color because you think it is an exaggeration, you can always choose the accessories matalized, such as bags, earrings, necklaces, nail polish, sunglasses …

On the feet

Arrived to ravage the looks of various models (sneakers, sandals, social shoes, slippers) the metallic shoes are great to match with neutral looks.

At parties

Metallic dresses for parties !! Look suitable for night parties, with accessories of neutral color to make contrast, do not forget!

Two-piece metallic outfit

Metallic outfit? Yes ! Very stylish and full of attitude. Great for an event or a more formal outing with friends.

Swimsuit and/or Bikini

I Love !! Great now for the summer, to match the tan.

Thank you for reading my post !! I hope you liked my tips! Tell me what is your metallic look that you like the most and if you use it consistently !!


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