Pictures taken with IPHONE 7 PLUS (PORTRAIT MODE)

I love taking photos! I take a lot of random photos, today it’s a beautiful day in London, so I went to a park near my house to take some photos to test a mode of the iphone 7 plus, the portrait.

This photo mode has the special feature of automatically focusing just like a professional camera! I already had the iphone 7 plus some time ago but I had never tried this mode of photos. I loved the result.

I still do not have much experience with this photo mode, I hope to improve and share with you !!

None of the photos have been edited or changed !! All the photos were made by me!

What Is Portrait Mode?

Portrait mode is a unique shooting mode available in the native camera app of the iPhone 7 Plus. It uses a special Depth Effect tool to create a shallow depth of field in your photos.

Shallow depth of field simply means that only a small part of the image is in focus while the rest is blurred. In most cases you would want your main subject to appear in sharp focus while the background appears blurred.

This soft blurry background is often called “bokeh” which comes from Japanese.


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