Benefits of bepanthen for SKIN and HAIR

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Bepanthen® works by forming a transparent, breathable layer, helping to protect even the most delicate skin from irritants and rubbing.

Hands and nails

The bepanthen helps in the hydration of the hands and especially of the cuticles, many people usually have the skin of this region drier.


The bepanthen can be a great help in moisturizing and makes the tattoo look more beautiful and renewed. I speak from experience, it helps a lot and it is recommended.

After epilation

It is normal for the skin to become irritated after shaving with a razor blade, to avoid this it uses bepanthen.


There is a liquid version of bepanthen, works as a leave in, can be put straight into the hair after the bath, can also be placed in the tip or shampoo for more hydration.

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Dark circles

Do you know the secret of many celebrities ?! Put bepanthen in the dark circles! That’s right, under the eyes! Just pass under the eyes at night. Besides disguising the dark circles, it moisturizes the skin.


Bepanthene should be used daily on the lips. Staying overnight is good for moisturizing and regenerating damaged skin.


If you have dry and cracked feet, the bepanthen may help. You only have to spend the night and let it act, then you only have to wash in the morning. Wears a pair of socks to protect the feet and not dirty the bedding.

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