TAG : 16 questions about makeup

1 . You have 2 minutes to get out of the house … What’s the only product on your face? Mascara

2 . What is your skin type? Normal

3. Do you often go to the dermatologist? No

4. What is your favorite facial moisturizer? Nivea day cream

5. Ever had problems with acne? No

6. Did any makeup product cause you acne or allergy? Never

7. Do you prefer foundation or concealer? Foundation

8. Do you prefer blush or bronzer? Bronzer!!!!

9. What is your favorite brand of lipstick? NYX !!

10. Elongated or bulky eyelashes? Elongated

11. Two favorite makeup brands: NYX and Too faced

12.Do you want to buy makeup at stores or online? Stores

13. Have you ever used or used homemade recipes for your skin? Yes !

14. Do you sleep in makeup? No …

15.What do you advise to buy who wants to start wearing makeup? buy in a supermarket and buy the basics: bb cream, compact powder, mascara.

16 Which product do you want to buy but do not do it because it is too expensive? NAKED HEAT (£39)

if you do this tag tell me in the comments! I hope you enjoy 😉


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