Beauty Haul


yesterday I went to superdrug and bought these things !! they are now with a purchase promotion 3 and pay two !! for those who love makeup it is always good to have these discounts!

I bought Nyx’s metallic lipstick on boots, the rest was all on the superdrug.

Nyx – CMLC13 metallic

Revlon – 720 had luster metallic

I was very curious to try a gel eyeliner, so I decided to buy this one from Maybelline. I confess that I found the product very small but when I use it I make a review for you.

this was my big purchase, I already wanted to have this contour palette for a long time, and here it is. I loved all the colors and soon I will make a post just to talk about this contour palette.

Price :

Makeup revolution London / ultra contour – £8.00

Maybelline / gel eyeliner – £8.99

Revlon / metallic lipstick – £6.99

Nyx / metallic lipstick – £7.00

Buy here:


Ultra contour

Gel eyeliner

Revlon lipstick




Claudia Matias xx


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