Countdown to Christmas # 1 | My goals for 2018

Hello !! OMG !! Happy December ! almost Christmas, I can not wait, this is my favorite time of the year, I love the cold, the snow, a mug of hot chocolate and the lights of the Christmas tree, it’s officially the time to start watching Christmas movies, ahah, I decided to do a post every day until Christmas, I hope you like it !! Today I come to share with you my goals for next year. I should have started yesterday with the posts but I only had this idea today ahah so today there will be two posts !!

  1. Eating better is my main wish for 2018, I’ve stopped eating meat for a few years and I’m trying to stop eating pork and chicken, I want to start eating more fish and vegetables !!
  2. Get the house I want
  3. Take the driving license
  4. Travel a lot
  5. I want succeed with my new store, I have a handmade jewelry shop, visit here on Instagram and Etsy
  6. Have a dog (it’s my dream ahah)

and the rest I want a lot of health, love, work and that all my family and friends are well in life !!


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