The 3 most expensive cosmetics

Hello guys, today i will share with you the 3 most expensive cosmetics in the world, incredible! It’s amazing how someone can create these products and it’s even more incredible to be able to buy them !!

Clive Christian No.1 perfume imperial majesty

$ 215,000, about £ 156,000, there are only 10 units of that perfume in the world. The reason? The perfumer’s best-selling fragrance has won Baccarat crystal packaging adorned with gold and five-carat diamonds.

KissKiss gold and diamonds from guerlain

$ 62,000, about £ 45,000: the lipstick launched in 2007 has 119 diamonds and 18 grams of gold, plus some rubies and emeralds for no one to fault.

Rouge Lou Luton starlight

$ 675, about £ 490: Christian Louboutin’s shoe-inspired red enamel earned luxurious clothing in the limited edition launched at the end of 2014, whose packaging was festooned with modest 1,500 applied crystals one by one by hand.

Incredible it’s not???

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