I’m pregnant !!

Hi guys! As you know, From the previous post (summer favorites), I’m pregnant with my first baby, I am exactly 13 weeks and it’s been an amazing experience!

I’m not going to lie, the first few months were horrible, I felt bad every day, not just in the morning, all day !! Very tired, very emotional, I cried for everything (I still cry) I feel totally pregnant ahah, it has been a dream come true, I never imagined I could feel such a great love for a person I do not know yet, I discovered that I was pregnant on the 28th April 2018, I was not shocked because we really wanted to have a baby, so it was a huge joy !!

On June 21st 2018 I did my first scan, omg what a thrill !! I saw my little baby for the first time and did not even want to believe that I was pregnant ahah, it was very very exciting, the baby was moving so much, I can not stop remembering those little legs moving, it is an incredible sensation !! I did all the tests and the baby is very healthy.

I have my next scan in August to know the sex of the baby, I can not wait, we would like a boy first but if it is a girl we will be just as excited! I hope you enjoyed my first post about my pregnancy, I’ll let you know everything!

Ps: The due is January.



18 thoughts on “I’m pregnant !!

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