Facts about me …

Hello beauties,

I want you to get to know me better so I decided to make this post with some facts about me, I hope you like it.

• My full name is Claudia Andreia Lucas Matias;

• I’m 23 years old;

• I was born in Portugal;

• I’m pregnant with my first baby;

• My boyfriend is amazing and he is English;

• We met at work;

• I got pregnant 2 months after we started dating and it was the best thing that happened to us;

• My mom lives in England and my dad lives in Portugal;

• My parents split up when I was 6 years old;

• I’ve changed house many times;

• I already lived in South Africa for 6 months when i was 16;

• I have lived in England for 2 years;

• I don’t drink coffee;

• I love tea;

• I prefer winter than summer;

• My favourite colour is black;

• I have 2 sisters and 1 brother;

• 1 sister from my mom and the rest from my dad;

• I prefer to stay at home than go out at night;

• I love music;

• I already broke my head when I was a baby;

• I was born with one leg bigger than the other;

• I Love to travel;

• I love to ear the rain when I’m in bed;

• I love Christmas!!

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