Autumn/Winter Trends | 2018

Hi beauties!

Autumn has already arrived and the fashion never stops !! I confess that I love this year’s fashion.

This autumn / winter you will see a lot of clothes with animal prints, From leopard to ocelot, zebra to tiger, wild stripes and spots!

Silk and velvet is also everything in this autumn/ winter, the response of autumn walkways is a leather dress. the leather is everywhere and is incredibly adult.

With a renewed focus on women from politics, film and fashion comes a fresh love affair with the cape. superheroes, opera-goers and Capuchin monks, it’s the elegant update on the puffer your wardrobe never knew it needed.

Referencing the Seventies and its various penchants for shearling, brown and crochet.

Pleats !! Wear them with trousers, wear them with chunky-soled creepers or wear them with a fluffy jumper, just don’t wear them with a delicate blouse ahah.

Whether it’s on your chest, waistband, or feet there is no escaping fashion’s logos in this autumn.

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