My life in 20 questions | TAG

Hi beauties,

I love questions tags! I will name all my followers to make this tag, enjoy !

Favourite colour?


Lucky number?


Dream job?

Being a well-known blogger / social influencer and I would like to open my own marketing and advertising company.

Where do you see yourself living in 5 years?

In countryside with a big farm haha, in England of course.

Favourite way to travel?

I love to travel in airplanes, but i really enjoy the road trip in a car because i can see the view.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Blogging, watching series, watching YouTube videos, relaxing with my family, walk in the park.

Favourite clothing store?

I love H&M and Zara !

From what band would you like to attend a concert?

I don’t have any favourite band, i like Marron 5, but i really like Shawn Mendes i can’t wait to have opportunity to see him !!

Favourite tea?

I love green and camomile tea.

Do you collect something?

Not really! I always like to have a fridge magnet from wherever I go.

You can’t sleep without?

Without taking off my make-up and having the lights off haha

If you would get 1 million all for yourself, what would you do with it?

Save, give some to my family, charity and travel a lot!

Favourite makeup brand?

NYX ! It’s my favourite!!

Favourite snack?

chocolate, ups

Favourite season?

Autumn! It’s so cozy this season haha

Do you sleep with your door closed or open?

Open, i don’t mind if the door is open or not haha

Why did you start blogging?

Because i always been attracted to creating unique content, i always like everything about writing and sharing my ideas with another people, it’s my favourite hobby, and i hope one day i can work with this, will be a dream come true!!

Do you have a subscription to a magazine?

I had it before, VOGUE. But I do not have any in this moment.

What did you do last night at 00:00?

I was sleeping haha

Favourite perfume?

My favourite in this moment is from AVON and is the little black dress ( it’s sooooo good ). But i love Escada perfume and perfumes from Zara !!

I hope you like it !! I would love to hear what you have to say about yourself, tag me if you make this 20 questions tag !


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