NYX Can’t stop full coverage | Review

Hi beauties,

I was looking for a foundation and i decided to see if NYX had something new (my favorite makeup brand), I found this foundation full coverage and decided to buy and test!

My first impression was WOW!!

I’m in love with my colour (they have 45 different colours) I bought in WARM VANILLA and it looks great on my skin!

I put the foundation twice and covered my imperfections, not so much as I liked in my dark circles, but my dark circles are so scarred that I’ve never been able to find any products that cover them for good haha .


  • Very matte, great for oily skin
  • 45 shades
  • Long-wearing


  • Difficult to blend/needs to be blended quickly because it dries down fast
  • Shade’s don’t necessarily correlate to the names/numbers, they are confusing to decipher

You can see the before and after now. I put half of my face with the foundation and the other half without, so you can see the result.

Buy here : BOOTS £15.00

What do you think ? Leave in the comments if you already try this NYX foundation and let me know if you like that !


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