Pregnancy update | 30 weeks pregnant

Hi beauties,

I’m so excited for this post, last Sunday (28-10-2018) i completed my 30th week of pregnancy.

It has been crazy, we are trying to organize everything for when the baby arrives, I am preparing the maternity bag and I have no idea what to put in there, it is my first baby and i have no idea of ​​anything but my family help me.

Well … this month has been a little complicated, I have many back pains, knee pains, toothaches and sometimes it is very difficult to sleep, I can not find a position that helps me (it is always good to sleep on the left side) but my belly is so big that neither side I can sleep, what has helped me a lot is the support cushion.

In 3 weeks i get my maternity leave, I can not wait, it’s being very complicated now, I just want to stay home and rest.

I loved to feel my baby kicking, she moves so much, jumping from one side to the other it’s very funny to see and feel, it feels like it’s already getting tight inside.

Many times we sing to her, we call her by name and she responds with kicks, I can not wait to meet her!

My belly is big at 30 weeks and my skin can not stretch, I have so many stretch marks now, I put bio oil, but it’s not working with me, there is nothing I can do about that, the most important thing is she’s born healthy and happy!!

9 weeks and 2 days left before she’s born, time goes so fast, I can not believe it!

Next Monday (05-11-2017) we will see our baby girl in 4D, I’m so excited!! I will make a post about that! Stay tuned.

I hope you have enjoyed knowing how my pregnancy is going.

I will keep you informed.


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