Blogmas day 11 | 5 Things i love about Christmas

Hi beauties,

Welcome to blogmas day 11!

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  1. Christmas trees: the Christmas tree for me is the most important decoration, without it there is no Christmas spirit! I do the Christmas tree as long as I remember, always with my family reunited.
  2. Christmas lights: Walking around and seeing all the beautiful lights of the street and houses can make anyone smile. Everything just shines brighter this season.
  3. Family time: Friends and family are fantastic, and this is the time to gather and remember how lucky we are to have people around us who love us. family is everything to me and everything is very special at Christmas!
  4. Chance to snow: Who does not dream of a Christmas with snow? I never had snow at Christmas but I hope someday it will happen haha. should be even more special !!
  5. Feel kid again: If you are 5 or 60, Christmas time is a time to really just have fun and reflect on all the good things in life. There is no excuse for not having fun!


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