5 best juices to lose weight

Hello guys!! Now i started a diet, I want to eliminate a few pounds to be ready for the summer ahah. I leave you some juice for those who want to lose weight. Hope you like it! Cinnamon detox juice (107 calories) Ingredients: - Two kiwis; - An apple; - Half cucumber; - Half lemon;…


Oatmeal and Banana Pancakes | Super easy!!

A simple, easy and tasty recipe with only 3 ingredients and a blender.This recipe we can eat as a breakfast, snack or pre-workout meal, these oatmeal and banana pancakes are super healthy and very tasty. You have to try!!Ingredients:1 whole egg and 1 egg white1 Banana3 tablespoons oatmealToppings:BananaCinnamonChocolateCaramelPreparation: FOLLOW ME | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER |