My day beauty routine 

Hi loves !! Welcome back !! Today I come to share with you what I use for my skin and hair when I wake up. I hope you like   -- When I wake up I go to the bathroom where I do my hygiene and i wash my face with the wash.scrub.mask tea tree [...]


 Avon beauty haul 

Hi loves !! Today I come to share with you what came from avon, I make the purchase of avon by my aunt, if you want to order avon products you can contact by e-mail or her blog ( link here ).  I love AVON products !! Avon Naturals Body Care - £3 Vanilla [...]

My dream makeup room 

Hi Loves!! Welcome Back!! I think all women since childhood have the dream of having a make-up room. This is one of my dreams until today and I hope to make it happen quickly. I leave here some inspirations that I took from my pinterest and ikea, I hope you like it.   Stool (ikea) [...]